Jasmine’s Twitter Expert Connect Assignment!

For my Twitter Expert Connect Assignment I mainly focused on social media and its different parts and jobs such as being a sociologist or a social media manager. I found 10 people on Twitter that were involved in that area and used them as sources for my project. I followed people like @87Retweet because they specifically was focusing on their business as specialists in the food, drink and hospitality industry.

I wanted to know how did their business begin and what was really the starting point to this success. I asked my questions politely by greeting at first, introducing my project, asked the questions and then thanked them in advance. This kind of information could help me in the future if I was to start a social media business company, page or marketing. If not then it’s still really good information to have.


This person not only gave me answers but also directed me towards other sources such as @87Tangerines. Both pages have the same focus and both also followed me back. After getting my responses I tried to keep the conversation going by asking other questions or asking for requests and other sources. @87Tangerines tagged me in a couple posts that involved information that I could use for my assignment. I have gotten a response from 5 different people and one of the 5 individuals even DM me and proposed a website that could help which did.

It was overall a very nice experiment that helped me a lot for my Twitter Expert Connect Project. This assignment could be used in the future in school because I have already learned the process and other project similar to this one will be easier.


GH Reflection Blog Post


For my Genius Hour project, my topic was Smartphones. I chose to do my project about smartphones because we all know that this generation is very attached to technology. Teenagers have become addicted to being on their phones and technology is slowly taking over humanity and I wanted to bring awareness to that by doing this project.

My research question was: How has smartphones changed the world and what was the difference that occured since the first smartphone appeared? With this project, I learned a lot about technology today and about the evolution of smartphones throughout the years. I have researched and dug into the topic and found some interesting facts and information about smartphones. I learned about what technology is doing to teenager nowadays and watched reports and interviews on different point of views from teenagers, kids and adult. Various different ideas and POV’s have been brought up and it was fascinating to hear about their various perspectives. This project did not help me grow as a person or student but I did realize how technology is affecting society and how humanity is dying right below our eyes. I figured a way to try and bring back humanity and put together the broken pieces was for our community to spend time together and interact with each other  without our smartphones, iPad or computers being in the way all the time.

It is true that technology is present in our everyday surroundings now. It does eventually have a positive effect but the down- sides can not be forgotten. We have teenagers completely addicted to their phones and some go mad at the fact that they can’t use it. Apps such as snapchat, instagram, facebook and many more are taking over and are taking away the small amount of hope we have. Before the appearance of smartphones, life was way more easy because people didn’t worry about what phone they had or cared about where were their phones because it didn’t matter but now phones has become our only source of entertainment and we can’t spend more than 5 hours without looking at our phones which is going to make it hard for the kids to grow up in such an addicted society. Kids are immediately revealed and exposed to this world of technology and don’t even consider going out and interact with nature. When it comes to technology, a lot of areas are affected such as your sleep, the prices rising as new devices are being released and many more.

For all that being, a change needs to be made and for that to happen we all need to take a stand.


The classes I have and thoughts

Hey guys, It’s Jasmine again and today for my SBC week #5, I’m going to be making a list of all the classes I have at ISD which is the school I go to and my personal thoughts about them.

  • English-  English class is fun, people are very productive in that class and use their time wisely. One thing I love about English that the teacher do is when one person during class yawns without covering his mouth, we all have to get up and start doing stretches and I thinks that’s a great method to keep your class awake.
  • French- My first language was french so that class isn’t really difficult for me. One thing I like about it is the 5 minutes break after a certain time period of work.
  • Critical Thinking- Critical Thinking class was an option and I chose that class because the teacher seemed really nice, she treats students like her own children which is very sweet. I love the atmosphere in the class and the interactions between students.
  • Chemistry- Chemistry class was fun, I’m switching to Biology now. Over the course of the year there’s Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Science class was a very chill class. The teacher would explain the lesson  for 15 to 30 minutes and would give us the rest of the period to do class work and exercices on that. And once you’re done, you can just relax
  • Math- Math class, we learn a lot not only about math but about robots and other cool things. I like that class because the students get to do a lot of work on the white board and we usually work in groups.
  • Social Studies- I have a lot of my friends in social studies class and just for that, that class is fun. The teacher gives the choice to the students a lot and sometimes give us the rest of the period to work and discuss the topic within groups.
  • Pe and Health-  PE class is cool. We are doing ultimate frisbee right now and from the first lesson, I’m pretty good at throwing it and catching it also but I should work just a bit on that. It seems like a fun sport that involves a certain amount of running and a lot of falling.
  • Technology – Technology class. I could fall asleep everyday in technology. The teacher have set up comfortable couches around the room for us. We have the choice to sit on a table or on the couches and who would want tables when you have sofas? We learn a lot of new things and the plan of organisation in that class is on point. THANK YOU! Read and make sure you leave a comment!

SBC1 Who is Jasmine?

My name is Jasmine, I was born on January 21st, I go to ISD which is the International School of Dakar. I am In 9th grade and  my favorite sports are basketball and tennis. I played tennis for 3 years when I was younger and I started gaining interest in basketball last year in 8th grade. I enjoy watching Youtube and Netflix, I also love to watch Tv and discover new food recipes.

Leave a comment about you:)

Anabelle 2- BOO!

One night I went we went out to the cinema and by we it was me, my cousin and the 2 sons of my dad friends. We went to the cinema at Sea Plaza to watch a scary movie called Anabelle 2. Before the movie started, I dropped all of my pop corn on the floor and my cousin were looking for her phone that she lost in her sear. After 10 minutes the movie actually started after a bunch of other trailers. My cousin and I were extremely scared right at the beginning. People in the audience kept laughing and screaming at the same time. While we were scared the two boys were making fun of us and warned us not drop or spill any food or drinks on them. At some part of the movie I was crying of fear and I wanted to get out but is was 8:30pm, it was dark outside so I figured it was a bad idea. More loud screaming and crying came from me, the boys were not scared at all, they were on the other hand making fun of the characters and pointing out “funny” things. At the end of the movie session. all four of us were walking back to the mall, talking about the movie. A minute afterwards we see the two boys running away really fast leaving us behind in the dar. So we started running and rushing too but we lost them. We stood there for a second looking around to find them and thats when “BOO”. My heart dropped…

(We went home around 10pm and had dinner)

One awesome night 

SBC4 The Call of the Wild- Go read it :)

This book is named “Call of the Wild” as you can see, by Jack London. This book is an adventure novel that inspires and conveys many feelings to the author. It is about a dog called Buck that has been kidnapped from his home in Santa Clara where life was peaceful to go to the North Pole and work as a sled dog. This experience introduces buck to the wild world which is going to make him stronger and make new friends but would he be able to make the call of the wild, would he ever return home and will he be able to save his friends and himself?

Find out in Jack London’s book. (I highly recommend it)

SBC2 How to Comment

  2. You have the right to be funny but make sure it is not offending
  3. I will not accept inappropriate language, sarcasm nor cyberbullying.
  4. You can share your thoughts and express yourself in a respectful way
  5. I will try and reply to all comments (be nice and friendly)
  6. If your comment is negative, don’t bother commenting because you’re not getting a reply and its going in the trash
  7. ENJOY!

How do I learn best.

I learn best when I can touch and feel so I won’t forget. I also learn best when I practice a lot, learn better when it’s easy obviously and when it’s well explained. Also when I can train and ask for help when I need it and that’s how it stays in my head. Another possibility for me to learn the best is to study during the night for a long time before going to sleep and in the morning everything is fresh and it comes automatically, just need to read it and practice for like 3 more minutes and then everything is in my head. I think something happens in the brain during the night after revising.

My expectations for the technology class.

My expectation for this technology class is to learn a lot about technology obviously  because I really like it but I’m not truly good at it. I’m  looking forward to tech class because it seems like a great and hard working class. I’m also looking forward to the individual and groups projects, fun activities, and other learning activities for us students to develop new technology skills and learning. Learning more about computers and many other electronics, I guess will be fun and exciting especially if we learn things in a fun and interesting way that students will easily learn and hold back.


Acetone vs Foam cup experiment


Final Chemistry and Salts experiment

Research Question: How fast can a foam cup disappear with different amount of acetone and water in it ? 

IV: different amount of dissolvant

DV: how fast does the foam cup disappears .

Hypothesis:  As the IV increases, then the DV will dicrease.

Graph (scatter plot with line of best fit.) below 

Discussion: Everything worked fine with the experiment, we had great conclusions and I wouldn’t improve anything because I think we did fine.

Conclusion: Based on my data, I can conclude that water is powerful among acetone because  even with 1 ml of water and 10 ml of acetone , there is no change , the cup didn’t have any reaction because of the water added in the dissolvant .


Conclusion : We can conclude that the more acetone there is, the faster the foam cup disappears .

It also shows that water is powerful among acetone because even with 1 ml of water and 10 ml of acetone , there is no change , the cup didn’t have a reaction because of the water added in the dissolvant .